Pink Drink

Strawberry Coconut Refresher

It’s officially summer and that means it’s time for allll the iced drinks! If you’re looking for something easy, tasty and not coffee to make, try this strawberry coconut refresher!



Cold Brew Iced Tea ( I use Celestial Hibiscus Berry Tea)

1/2 cup chopped strawberries

1 cup coconut milk


optional: sweetener (I’d recommend liquid stevia)


16oz glass (like the honey bunny or strawberry frog cups!)


how to make it

Pink Drink

I love this drink because it’s so simple to make!

  1. Steep cold brew tea in one cup of water for about 5 minutes
  2. While tea steeps, wash and chop your strawberries
  3. Add your steeped tea, chopped strawberries, and sweetener if you wish to your blender, and blend until well combined
  4. Fill your favorite cheerware cup with ice, add about 1 cup of coconut milk, and top with the strawberry tea mixture
  5. Add your straw and enjoy your strawberry coconut refresher!