organized aesthetic notion template

How to Make An Organized, Aesthetic Notion

I’ve been using notion for over a year now, but mostly just using it as a journal. Part of my 2022 goals was to really dig into all the functionality of notion and create an environment that organized my work and personal life. The starting place for my template comes from dream by may and you can download her original template here. Hers it a bit more geared towards students. If you’d like to download my organized aesthetic notion home hub, you can get a template here

Now grab your glass, pour yourself a coffee and let’s get into it!

organized aesthetic notion template

Before getting into building your notion home, there are two things you need to consider.

First, think about how your brain works. How do you naturally organize your daily, weekly, monthly tasks? What kinds of things to you like tracking? What things do you need to see and reference frequently vs tuck away? Understanding your natural organization tendencies is important for building a notion home that works for you.

Second, learn a bit about how notion works and what tools it provides. From tables, to checklists, to calendars, to mood boards, there is a LOT that you can do with notion if you take a little time to learn!

Home hub

organized aesthetic notion homepage

When I open my notion in the morning, the first thing I see is my daily affirmations from yesterday. I have a calm graphic, the time, and a year progress bar. I also have a link to my positive affirmations playlist on Spotify. The first thing I do is clear out yesterdays affirmations and write three new ones. Every time I go back to homepage, these are the first things I see and I repeat them to myself.

personal and work resources

My next section catalogues both my personal resources and my work resources. Examples of personal resources include my journal and a place to jot down ideas as well as things that I like to keep track of, like meals, books, wine, mood. Work resources include places to organize my new product ideas, my social strategy, content creation workflow, and sales tracker.

organized aesthetic notion for work and personal use

examples of organized aesthetic notion trackers and logs:

organized aesthetic notion content planner
organized aesthetic notion meal and recipe tracker
organized aesthetic notion book log

set goals and keep track!

organized aesthetic notion goals

The next section has blocks for daily, weekly, monthly and yearly to-dos and goals. I have my ideal daily schedule listed out so I can try to keep on track. Every week I lay out my top 3 things I have to do each day. I have my monthly calendar along with goals and reflections on the side bar, followed by my three goals for the year.

At the end of the day, your notion should cater to your personal aesthetic and organizational style. If my template doesn’t work for you, try searching on Pinterest and get inspired!