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Raspberry Mouse Glass

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Cottage core lovers, make some room on your shelf for the raspberry mouse glass! I designed this glass to be a companion to the popular strawberry frog cup. You'll see cute little mouse-lings climbing on raspberry vines to find the plumpest berries.

Raspberry Mouse Glass Details:

  • 20oz capacity
  • Lid/straw not included, but can be purchased here
  • Can-shaped glass
  • Printed for longer lasting design (not vinyl!)
  • Should be hand washed to prevent chipping or fading of design
  • Only for cool drinks (smoothies, milkshakes, iced coffee, soda)

This glass is part of the cottage core collection, which you can view here

    Raspberry Mouse Glass
    Raspberry Mouse Glass
    Raspberry Mouse Glass


    How do I take care of my glassware?

    • White designs are perfectly dishwasher safe in the top rack
    • Colored and metallic designs should be hand washed to prevent fading/chipping

    What straw fits best?

    We have so many straws to choose from, it can be a tough choice!

    If you're looking for inspiration, check out our style guides here

    If you're ready to purchase, just make sure you get a 16oz size straw for a 16oz glass or a 20oz sized straw for a 20oz glass and you'll be set!