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Bent Glass Straws

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Savor the simplicity and practicality of iced coffee at home with our bent glass straws. These eco-friendly alternatives to plastic are not only reusable, but also dishwasher safe, making them a convenient and low-maintenance choice.

With a smooth and sophisticated bent design, our bent glass straws add a touch of elegance to any iced coffee. The heat-resistant glass construction makes them safe to use with hot or cold drinks, so you can enjoy your coffee just the way you like it. And with a range of vibrant colors to choose from, you can add a pop of personality to your drink.

At a time when sustainability and reducing waste is at the forefront of our minds, our bent glass straws offer a simple solution. Say goodbye to wasteful plastic and switch to a more environmentally responsible option with our bent glass straws. Not only are you making a positive impact on the environment, but you're also investing in a high-quality product that is built to last.

Whether you're looking for a simple and practical way to enjoy iced coffee at home, or simply want a stylish and sustainable option for all your drinks, our bent glass straws are the perfect choice. So why wait? Order one (or a set) today and embrace a more environmentally friendly and sophisticated way to drink iced coffee at home.


Bent Glass Straw Specs

  • available in 17 colors (so many!!)
  • choose between 16 and 20oz size
  • compatible with our bamboo lid
  • dishwasher safe
  • high-quality borosilicate glass, but of course handle with care!


Full color list:

  • clear
  • lavender
  • blue
  • teal
  • green
  • yellow
  • honey
  • gold
  • pink
  • clear
  • gray
  • 2%milk
  • lemon sherbet
  • orange sherbet
  • mint
  • sage
  • periwinkle


You can view all straw shapes here


    Bent Glass Straws
    Bent Glass Straws
    Bent Glass Straws
    Bent Glass Straws
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    How do I take cake of my glassware?

    • White designs are perfectly dishwasher safe in the top rack
    • Colored and metallic designs should be hand washed to prevent fading/chipping

    What straw fits best?

    We have so many straws to choose from, it can be a tough choice!

    If you're looking for inspiration, check out our style guides here

    If you're ready to purchase, just make sure you get a 16oz size straw for a 16oz glass or a 20oz sized straw for a 20oz glass and you'll be set!