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Korok Glass

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Important preorder details!

“yahaha, you found me!”

– Anonymous Korok


The Tears of the Kingdom release is HERE, so there is no better time to re-release some Legend of Zelda themed items! The Korok glass is a colorful, 20oz, can-shaped glass covered with our favorite forest friends. Along with Koroks, you’ll find helpful fairies, silent princess flowers, and ingredients galore. And of course, there are plenty of korok seeds for you to find. Paired with a lid and straw, this glass is the perfect cozy gaming accessory. We have a million shapes and colors to choose from, so don't forget to add straws and lids to your order.  Get ready to log some serious switch hours with your favorite beverage, order your korok glass today!


Korok Glass Details:

  • Color designs should be gently hand washed to avoid ink chipping or fading
  • Straw and lid NOT included
  • 20oz capacity
  • Unique, can-shaped glass
  • Only for cool drinks (iced coffee, smoothies, milkshakes, sodas, etc.)


Want to turn your new drinking glass into a classy tumbler? Visit our accessories page to add an environmentally-friendly bamboo lid and glass straw to your order! We recommend the ridged straw or boba straw for these taller glasses 🙂


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    How do I take care of my glassware?

    • White designs are perfectly dishwasher safe in the top rack
    • Colored and metallic designs should be hand washed to prevent fading/chipping

    What straw fits best?

    We have so many straws to choose from, it can be a tough choice!

    If you're looking for inspiration, check out our style guides here

    If you're ready to purchase, just make sure you get a 16oz size straw for a 16oz glass or a 20oz sized straw for a 20oz glass and you'll be set!

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 70 reviews
    Alyssa Flynn

    Kinda pricey once you add shipping in, but overall I'm very happy with my cute korok cup! I brought it to my office at work for my ice coffee and it brightens my day


    cutest drinking glass there is! It is my absolute favourite, and it makes the perfect cozy glass to have a drink in

    Linda Parigi
    Love this!!

    I really love this design. Everything is in order and perfect, from the product to the lovely package. The seller is super kind, I got to talk to the seller by email through the support system and they were super kind and nice. I absolutely recommend!

    Sable W
    My absolute FAVORITE glass!!!

    I love Zelda and especially the koroks! I just ordered more!


    Love it so much!!!