Haunted Marshmallow Syrup

This is a super easy recipe for a haunted marshmallow syrup made to accompany our spooky shrooms iced coffee glass. When making coffee at home, one of the best (and easiest) ways to spice up your routine is to add a new flavored syrup! I never realized how easy it was to make flavored coffee syrups at home, but they take only a few minutes and will last a week or so. If you’re looking to take your home coffee bar game to a new level, definitely give this recipe a try!

Let's make haunted marshmallow syrup!


Roast your marshmallows to caramelize the edges and bring out the flavor. I skewered them one at a time and roasted them over my stove burner. Alternatively, you could line a cookie sheet with foil and stick them under your broiler for a bit.


Add one cup of water and one cup of sugar to a saucepan and bring to a boil. Once the sugar is completely dissolved (3-5 minutes), reduce to low.


Add your roasted marshmallows to the sugar water mixture and stir constantly until the marshmallows are completely dissolved and the color turns a caramel color (5-8 minutes).


Add a dash of vanilla extract and a dash of salt and stir into mixture.


Strain mixture to remove any burnt or crispy marshmallow bits and add to your favorite container. Use in your favorite fall iced coffee glass, and add a lid and straw for some extra flare!